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Make tomorrow today

Make tomorrow today

civity Management Consultants is one of the leading consultancy firms for public services in Europe. We enable our clients in the transport, utilities and waste management sectors to make forward-looking, effective improvements to their organization.

With changes, cost pressure and transparency, we believe there has never been a greater need in the public sector for efficient, intelligent strategies than today. This is why we founded civity – the consultancy for first-rate management of public services. For financially viable solutions that will decisively advance and enthuse our clients and their staff. And for achievable ideas with which we can further improve the high quality of life in our towns and cities.

We chose the name “civity” because it reflects several of the things we aim for and the areas which we focus on: city, activity, civilisation, velocity, civitas, vivere

In order to deliver this, a team of unique individuals works with passion and conviction to advise the public sector. With technical specialists, data experts, management graduates and social scientists, our diversity is the hallmark of our organization, along with many years’ experience, specialist expertise and personal consulting services.

Our clients are German and international businesses and institutions, local authorities, public authorities, transport associations and ministries. We provide assistance with all organizational, financial and legal aspects of their public activities.

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