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Overviewing the Overhead

Overviewing the Overhead

A well organized overhead is like having a bright head on the company’s shoulders. It stores, assesses, administrates and offers advantages to its owner. However, if the administration acts as a brake, it can threaten the very existence of the company.

Together with our customers, we create administrative structures where the diverse sub-functions come together to form a harmonious whole. This includes the cleansing of sluggish processes, which we first reproduce in detail and analyze for effectiveness. We then provide specific approaches to improve the overhead, following analysis of performance indicators and intense discussion with those involved in the process. Our experience shows that precise definitions of responsibilities, clear interfaces, standardization and intelligent HR management are the most effective results drivers.

We specialise in:

  • Position assessments of overhead sub-functions
  • Overhead benchmarking
  • Target overhead costing
  • Task and process analyses
  • Assistance in implementing detailed measures
  • Organization analyses
  • HR development strategies
  • Procurement management


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